Who should attend?

  • Those looking to gain experience of broadcast media interviews or improve their interview technique.

  • Those willing to look at their work from the ‘outside in’ and to find the potential in it for reaching a non-academic audience beyond the campus.

  • Researchers from PhD level onwards.

What to expect

  • An overview of what journalists are looking for in an ‘academic’ story

  • A discussion of your research and of what elements will be interesting to a lay audience

  • Advice on choosing your key messages

  • Tips on how to modify the angle you take, or the language you use, to make your research more accessible

  • A discussion of interview techniques and pitfalls to avoid

  • Practical experience of a one-to-one interview on your research, with feedback.

What you’ll learn

  • How journalists interpret stories for given demographics and audiences

  • What’s involved behind the scenes at radio stations

  • How to spot the media potential in a project, publication or event

  • What questions are likely to be asked – and what is likely to be overlooked, ignored or cut

  • How to prepare for, and conduct, a radio interview

  • The pros and cons of live versus pre-recorded interviews

  • Tips to ensure your key messages aren’t lost

  • How to improve your presentation and delivery for media interviews

  • How to have fun being a “go-to expert” on your specialism.