Years of experience in communicating med-tech innovation makes us an ideal partner for delivering communications with impact.

Grow MedTech

Grow MedTech is a major UK programme launched in 2019 to provide specialist support for innovation in medical technologies, involving a consortium of six universities across the Leeds and Sheffield City Regions. We worked with Grow MedTech to showcase its early successes in its first Annual Report.

The Brief

A key aim for this report was to demonstrate Grow MedTech’s success to funders. Even though the Grow MedTech programme is at an early stage, it is able to showcase some really innovative projects that have clear potential to make a difference to patients.

Using these examples, Grow MedTech also wanted to highlight the added value it provides to projects through funding and other support, to attract further engagement from potential academics, industry and healthcare partners.

Our response

The target audiences for Grow MedTech come from academic, industrial and clinical backgrounds. With a huge variety of research specialities covered by the programme, our challenge was to draw together material from all Grow MedTech’s collaborators and present it in an authoritative voice that was also accessible to an intelligent lay audience.

We conducted in-depth interviews with key researchers across Grow MedTech’s partner universities as well as clinicians and industry partners. We wrote the articles in a range of formats which served to enliven the copy and enable the designers to create an eye-catching look.

Patient representatives also provide vital input to the Grow MedTech programme and we worked sensitively to ensure they were also visible in the copy. We drafted the content and gained approvals from all interviewees before working with the designers to ensure the finished publication met expectations and was delivered on time.

Working closely with Grow MedTech’s Communications and Engagement Co-ordinator, as well as Grow MedTech’s chosen design partner we were able to help deliver on schedule a beautiful publication which showcased the amazing range of Grow MedTech’s projects.

You can download the Annual Report from Grow MedTech’s website here.