Great project management, interviewing and copywriting skills make us a trusted partner for publications delivery….year after year.

The Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre

The University of Leeds Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre works to bring businesses and researchers together to commercialise new regenerative devices. Campus PR has been producing annual review publications for the IKC, and its partner organisation, MeDe Innovation, since 2013.

The brief

The IKC has a number of well-defined audiences that it needs to target with its annual review. We were asked to use our knowledge of the organisation and its objectives to communicate the breadth of its activities and its achievements to those audiences, as well as the potential for future impact on medical professionals and patients.

Our response

We worked closely with the IKC’s National Outreach Manager to provide complete project management for the annual review, advising on content, developing a flat plan and agreeing deadlines with the client.

We conducted in-depth interviews with key researchers within the IKC. Industry involvement is important to the IKC and we also interviewed representatives from companies both large and small to develop the copy. We drafted the content and gained approvals from all interviewees before working with the designers to ensure the finished publication met expectations and was delivered on time.

The challenge was to draw together material from many different researchers and commercial collaborators and present it in an authoritative voice that was also accessible to an intelligent lay audience. This was particularly important because of the range of topics addressed by the review – from engineering new surgical implant materials to developing new diagnostic tools.

The target audiences for the IKC are so diverse that none are likely to have in-depth prior knowledge of all areas of the IKC’s work – so the review has to make these complex subjects accessible to all.


We’re very proud that we’re asked back year after year to deliver publications for the IKC and its sister organisation, MeDe Innovation. Researchers involved in these organisations trust us to communicate their work effectively and our publications are well received by audiences.

“Our academics felt that your copywriters did a great job of explaining our research in a format that was accessible for all our audiences.  Using Campus PR has really made light work for us, as by working with you to develop a content plan and key messages, I could leave it to you, safe in the knowledge that contact would be made with the relevant people, content would be created and approval would all be complete by our deadlines.”

Rowan Grant, National Outreach Manager, Medical Technologies Innovation and Knowledge Centre