Our copywriting helped Bradford’s School of Dementia Studies gain the recognition it deserves.

University of Bradford, School of Dementia Studies

Good quality copywriting isn’t always about delivering a snappy webpage, or producing a glossy brochure. In this project we worked very much behind the scenes, constructing a detailed, solid, but engaging case for Bradford University’s School of Dementia Studies to win a coveted Queen’s Anniversary Prize.

The brief

The University’s Media Team asked Campus PR to help construct a compelling story outlining the hugely important work done by the School of Dementia Studies. In particular they wanted to highlight the person-centred care approach pioneered by the School and now used throughout the world.

Our response

We worked intensively on this project to pull together all the available resources and evidence from the school. We worked closely with the Media Team to agree and approach and structure, and then wrote the first draft of the application. Once this was completed, we continued our involvement, collating input from key stakeholders and proofreading and amending further drafts up until the final iteration.

The outcome

We’d like to claim full credit for Bradford’s success in winning their Queen’s Anniversary Prize, but of course the quality of their research and the commitment of their researchers are the real stars. Nevertheless, we’re thrilled – and very proud – to have played a part in presenting this success story so it received the recognition it deserves.

“Thank you so much for your help with the preparation of the submission for the Queen’s Anniversary Prize. Obviously we’re delighted and really proud of the achievement. It was a tough assignment given the time constraints and without your help it would have been even tougher, if not impossible.”

Mark Thompson, Media Relations Manager, University of Bradford