Showcasing collaborative international research

University of Leeds Research and Innovation Service

The University of Leeds Research and Innovation Service supports researchers across the University, creating an environment in which academics work together across disciplines and with partners to solve complex problems.

The brief

The University of Leeds is explicitly international in its outlook, and especially proud of its research that works to help low and middle-income countries attain their development goals. The University’s Research and Innovation Service (RIS) wanted to showcase this aspect of the University’s research to funders and other stakeholders and asked Campus PR to help.

Our response

We worked closely with RIS to develop a range of case studies, web articles and infographics that could be used across their communications. A central message in all outputs was that the research was founded in collaborative and equal partnerships with colleagues in the Global South. This meant we often included the voice and perspective of researchers from across the world, alongside those of the Leeds researchers. For each article, we followed the same procedure: interview up to three people involved in the research, write the piece to the brief provided by RIS and gain approvals from all concerned. The completed case studies were then passed to RIS to publish online or in print.

The results

We’ve now been working with RIS since 2016, showcasing their international projects through dozens of articles which have been used in briefings for funders, or published on the University’s Medium channel or the Leeds website. Examples include:

How plants adapt to climate change | by University of Leeds | University of Leeds | Feb, 2023 | Medium

Too much or not enough? Tackling risks to water security | by University of Leeds | University of Leeds | Medium

Building Africa’s capacity in food systems research | by University of Leeds | University of Leeds | Medium

Working with Campus PR is a real joy. Their flexible but professional approach make our life easy. They have such great intuition and can produce content based on a minimal brief, which is a skill in its own right.

Anna Lewandowska, International Projects Coordinator