At Campus PR, our particular speciality is promoting research in the media. Whether it’s gaining front page coverage, slots on broadcast television or in-depth feature in key industry publications – we can help you, whatever discipline you work in. But it’s not all we do. We also provide content for websites, brochures and magazines; help clients with strategic planning around communications and impact; and we also share our expertise to build in house capacity, through a series of specialised training workshops.

Getting your research front page


Few small agencies working in higher education can claim three front page national news stories and two stories on prime time BBC broadcast news – but we can. And all achieved without compromising the original research.

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The bigger picture


We don’t just write PR strategies – though we’re very good at that. We help our clients look at the bigger picture and see how they can get the most from their communication and PR.

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Word perfect


We translate complex – and often fascinating – material into engaging copy that lay audiences will want to read, whether it’s for a website, infographic, or a good old-fashioned print publication.

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Sharing our expertise


We don’t think academics need to be media relations or communications experts but we do think that bit of specialist knowledge about communicating research and working with the media can help. We’ve developed a series of training workshops to help researchers learn the skills they’ll need,  particularly given the demands for greater impact from research. We also run workshops for the press officers who have to do the rest, based on our expertise gained over many years of working in research promotion.

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