Social media clips

Video clips and slide shows are playing an increasingly important role in social media. Presenting research in a visual format can really help extend its reach and help you engage with new audiences. Here are some examples of presentations we've created for our clients.

Trichomonosis discovery

We worked with the University of East Anglia’s communications team to promote a study by UEA researcher, Kevin Tyler. He discovered a strain of trichomonosis, the disease responsible for killing off a third of the UK’s greenfinches, has been discovered in myna bird populations in Pakistan.

Our video clip, produced to accompany a press release, was posted on the University’s website and shared on social media, attracting over 1,500 views.

Read the press release.

Turtles make comeback

This video, demonstrating the success of local turtle conservation efforts in the Brasilian Amazon, was brought to life with some really beautiful photographs taken by the research team. It attracted more nearly 1200 views via the University of East Anglia’s YouTube channel.

Read the press release

Photo credit: Keith Heppell

PCRF fundraising hero

Inspirational fundraiser Anna Gomori, from Coton, in Cambridgeshire has managed to raise an incredible £50,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund.

This video tells her story and celebrates the brilliant support she’s received from friends and family.