Few small agencies working in higher education can claim three front page national news stories and two stories on prime time BBC broadcast news – but we can. And all achieved without compromising the original research.

We’ve generated news headlines all over the world. We promote research intelligently and carefully, working with you to craft the story from the strongest angle and selecting the best approach to pitch to different journalists and media outlets.

There are lots of ways to handle research stories and we have experience in them all: exclusives, press conferences, embargoed news stories, opinion pieces, photo stories or features.


Publicity can provide a route to generating impact for research, whether it’s the front page of a national newspaper or a feature in a specialist magazine. It’s a great way of showcasing your expertise, knowledge, innovations and potential services directly to specific audiences. It can generate new collaborations and partnerships, attract funding and investment and raise your profile – as an individual or an institution – to peers, nationally and internationally.