We don’t just write PR strategies – though we’re very good at that. We help our clients look at the bigger picture and see how they can get the most from their communication and PR. We audit existing activity – from benchmarking a website against to analysing the volume and effectiveness of student communications – and recommend improvements. We facilitate strategic discussions around issues such as research, impact and communications, drawing out tangible objectives.

Most universities have limited resources available for their communications and PR – so it makes sense to ensure you’re using these to maximum effect.

We can help you look at what you want to achieve, identify the best routes to reach the audiences you want to target and the most effective mechanisms to use – which is as important to the impact agenda as it is to traditional PR and communications.

But while we’re able to provide a valuable external perspective to our clients, we also keep our feet firmly on the ground – we don’t create strategies that can’t be delivered.

See below some of the results we’ve achieved through the strategic support provided to our clients.