We don't think academics need to be media relations or communications experts but we do think that bit of specialist knowledge about communicating research and working with the media can help. We've developed a series of training workshops to help researchers learn the skills they'll need,  particularly given the demands for greater impact from research. We also run a workshop for the press officers who have to do the rest, based on our expertise gained over many years of working in research promotion. All our courses can be delivered online or face-to-face and involve practical exercises based around delegates' own research or expertise.

Our workshops give academics the skills and knowledge to maximise routes to impact for research, including working with the media, with policy makers and more general public engagement.


Our Courses

Below you can find details of some of our most popular workshops, but we're happy to adapt these to suit your needs. We can combine elements of different workshops to deliver a course that meets your training objectives, in a format that will work for you. Just give us a call to talk it through.