For press officers: Intro to research PR


Gaining media coverage of research is a powerful way to promote the strengths and expertise of your academic staff and raise your institution’s profile. However, publicising research brings particular challenges. This course will help you to be more confident in how to spot the newsworthiness of research, understand academic papers, ask the right questions of the researcher, navigate the politics of working alongside funders and collaborators, and produce accurate and effective press releases.

Course Length

Half day - 3.5 hours

Number of Delegates

A maximum of eight delegates per Campus PR trainer.

Who should attend

Press officers new to the HE sector or to research PR, communications or marketing staff tasked with sourcing research-related stories.

What to expect

  • Understanding of the particular challenges involved in Research PR
  • An insight into the peer review process
  • Guidance on how to spot the story from research papers
  • Tips on conducting a research interview
  • Practical exercises
  • Group discussions and hand-outs
  • Advice and information to put the skills learned into practice

What you’ll learn

  • What makes a newsworthy story for different audiences
  • How to find key information to develop the story
  • How to get the best information possible from the researcher you’re interviewing
  • What unspoken etiquette is needed when dealing with co-authors, journals and other stakeholders
  • Principles of constructing news releases and pitches
  • What additional supporting materials would strengthen the story
  • Who could supply quotations to strengthen your story
  • How to secure the necessary approvals and end up with a great release
  • How to reduce the risk of research being misrepresented or misreported
  • How to deal with a journal’s publication policies and manage embargoes
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