For researchers: Planning research communications


It's tempting to only think about communications at the end of a project, but early planning can pay dividends. This training session will help you to plan communications and engagement with audiences and enable your research to have the desired impact. We’ll take you through identifying and shaping those messages, finding the correct target audiences, and finding all the opportunities to engage through the timeline of a project.
You’ll emerge from the session with a basic plan for your work and the support to refine it.

Course Length

Half day - 3.5 hours

Number of Delegates

A maximum of eight delegates per Campus PR trainer.

Who should attend

Anyone active in research – from early career researchers onwards – and research project managers with responsibility for dissemination.

What to expect

  • Guidance on general principles
  • Practical exercises
  • Group discussions and hand-outs
  • Advice and information to put the skills learned into practice


What you’ll learn

  • The key elements to consider when putting together a communications plan
  • How to identify audiences
  • How to develop clear, tailored messages
  • How to identify project milestones and plan dissemination around these
  • Which communications channels and tools are most useful
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