For researchers: Planning research communications


Many grant applications now demand that the applicants demonstrate how they will ensure that research outcomes are disseminated beyond academic circles. A practical and coherent communications plan will increase the chance of achieving impact from the research – and this means much more than simply a few web pages and an occasional newsletter. This course will help academics understand how to develop a realistic communications plan to effectively target key stakeholders outside academia.

Course Length

Half day - 3.5 hours

Number of Delegates

A maximum of eight delegates per Campus PR trainer.

Who should attend

Academics who are grant holders or who are looking to apply for grants; those within existing research projects or institutes who have responsibility for dissemination.

What to expect

  • Guidance on general principles
  • Practical exercises
  • Group discussions and hand-outs
  • Advice and information to put the skills learned into practice


What you’ll learn

  • The key elements to consider when putting together a communications plan
  • How to identify audiences
  • How to develop clear, tailored messages
  • How to identify project milestones and plan dissemination around these
  • Which communications tactics might work
  • How to cost your campaign and where to look for resources
  • Which tools will help you evaluate success
  • How to be fluid, without being vague!
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